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I'm Mike. Software Developer Making the Web a Better Place.

Since 1998, I have been designing software solutions for businesses of all sizes. No project is too small or too large.


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my services

Software & IT Evaluation

I help people and businesses find the right software they need. Sometimes bigger isn’t better.  If your business needs a Camry, why pay for a Ferrari?  Simple software that can accomplish what you need is what I do.

Website Conversion Design

We make sure your website is designed to convert the way you need it to, whether that’s phone calls, email requests, newsletter signups, or whatever the first step in your marketing funnel is.

Simple Solutions for your business

We help you pick the right software for your needs. Example: This could be as simple as changing from using a Gmail account to a more profesional brand email (   This is incredibly simple and costs less than $100 per year, and you can still use the Gmail app while using your professional email address.

Guidance in What You need

We don’t have cookie cutter services sold by a sales team. Instead we help you identify if you need software, a website, a social presence, and/or more positive reviews from past customers

New Revenue Sources For You

My focus is getting you new sources of clients or customers. Every other tech buzzword or acronym is just jargon. You need more business. That’s what our software solutions provide. 

Building Positive client Reviews for you

Everything is designed around obtaining great customer/client feedback around the web to further enhance your brand and referrals

Help in Navigating The Tech World

Sometimes big fancy presentations leave you confused. We help you protect your brand on the web and understand where you have exposure and what to to do minimize risk of downtime, data loss, losing your branded website, etc. 

Maintenance & Security Monitoring

We specialize in security monitoring of your digital assets and online reputation and also with securing your digital life. We also help with keeping your digital world up to date in a fast changing environment.

My Process


Figure out what your needs are based on what you currently have and are doing and if you have a need to expand or change


Design a path to grow your business, whether that is software, process change, software automation, or other


Sometimes just refining what you have, in terms of adding something, or modifying existing to convert better


Sometimes we can build additional digital assets for your future if that is something appropriate for you

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About Me

Hello! I’m Mike. I’ve Been Building Technology Solutions for 24 Years

Whether it is a simple website, help with email service that never seems to work correctly, or to build a 100,000+ e-commerce store website, I am here to help.

Just need another set of eyes as a consultant to review a proposal or assess your current IT?  Give me a call.

  • Software and Process Automation
  • IT Solutions and Security
  • The Web & Social World

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Powershell
  • Windows Server Administration 2012,2016, 2019
  • VMWare Administration
  • Cisco Networking Expertise
  • Google Cloud Administration
  • Micosoft Azure and Amazon Cloud Architecture
  • Software Automation Design & Development

Current Software

  • Software that embeds Facebook reviews onto your Website
  • Software that embeds Google reviews onto your website
  • Expired Domain Finder Software
  • Website Uptime Monitoring Application
  • Software that finds businesses with bad reviews
  • Web Crawlers of various kinds to find data
  • WordPress plugins for various business needs
  • Twilio SMS applications
  • Cisco Meraki API customization

Javascript Functions – Parameters and Arguments

function calc(billAmount, taxRate = .05) { /* In the above line: function = keyword calc = function name billAmount = a parameter taxRate = another paramter, with a default vale { = scope start  */ //This is the function body...

Javascript Custom Functions

// Functions are defined and called // This is a function definition: function calc() { //This is the function body console.log('Running Calculate!'); const total = 100 * 1.07;  //sales tax 7%, as an example return total; } //This is a function call...

Javascript Built in Functions

Example: Math.max is a built in function in javascript. Math.max(4, 10, 11, 15)    // returns 15, the highest of the numbers. 4,10,11,15 are called arguments.  Arguments are passed to a function. 15 is called the returned value console.log('Text')  // returned Text in...

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